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Table of Contents

Chapter One ~ Cracklin Town   1

Who Lived Here First, the Hungerford Resolves, the American Revolution

Cracklin Town, the Crossroads, Northwest and Southwest Corners

Going West


Chapter Two ~ The Civil War   9

Civil War Days in Laytonsville

1890 Census of Civil War Veterans from the Laytonsville Area


Chapter Three ~ The Town Expands   17

After the Civil War

Homes and Businesses, Stores and Shopping

From Blacksmiths to Garages

The Modern Woodmen Hall

The 1929 Tornado

Fighting Fires, the Water Tank


Chapter Four ~ Brooke Grove   29

Vachel Duffie’s Purchase
Brooke Grove Methodist Church and
Goshen United Methodist Church

Families in the Community


Chapter Five ~ From Crossroads to Town   35

The Crossroads in 1891

Incorporation in 1892

Town Government and Town Council Members

Chairs of Commissioners and Mayors

History of Laytonsville Roads, The Good Roads League

Taverns, Temperance, Prohibition, and Snuffy’s

The Historic District and the HDC

From Farm to Landfill

The 1984 Annexation


Chapter Six ~ The Community Grows  49

The Stup Apartments

Howard and South Montgomery Streets

LenMar Park

The Triangle

Laytons Crest Estates

Rolling Ridge

Laytonsville Preserve

Town Projects 2013


Chapter Seven ~ Good Dirt!   59

Agriculture in the Laytonsville ARea

Farming in the 1800s - G. G. Griffith Interview

Benson’s Roller Mill

Thomas & Co. Cannery

Fairview Farm


Chapter Eight ~ People  71

The Early Residents

Community Activist, Doctors, Nurses, Midwives

Educators, Historians, Journalists

Farmers, Businesspersons, Builders, Gardeners


Chapter Nine ~ Growing Up  87

The 1901 Diary of Ethel Bell

Ruby Hawkins Howard

Kathryn “K. D.” Schumacher

Pearl Cuthbertson

Plucky Lucky


Chapter Ten ~ Schools   95

The Early Years

Cracklin District

100 Years Ago – Our Schools in 1913

The Laytonsville School and Community League

Brooke Grove School

Longview Elementary School

Laytonsville Elementary School

Principals of Laytonsville Elementary School


Appendix  ~  107

History of the Laytonsville Historical Center

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